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Lot #AcresPriceAmenities
70.98$47,000seasonal dock
90.96$49,000seasonal dock
101.20$51,000seasonal dock
13.99$65,000private dock
151.00$69,000private dock
22.89$105,000private dock
23.69$107,000private dock
24.69$109,000private dock
25.69$119,000private dock
26.89$122,000private dock
27.89$127,000private dock
28.69$129,000private dock
33.89$149,000private dock
34.69$147,000private dock
35.69SOLDprivate dock
36.69$145,000private dock
37.81$143,000private dock
38.95$139,000private dock
391.19$125,000private dock
401.18$119,000private dock
411.21$117,000private dock
421.09$115,000private dock
431.09$114,000private dock
441.51SOLDprivate dock
451.66$79,000private dock
461.42$77,000private dock
471.42$75,000seasonal dock
481.43$73,000seasonal dock
491.43$73,000seasonal dock
501.42$69,000seasonal dock
511.28$67,000seasonal dock
521.23$63,000deeded slip
531.55$62,000deeded slip
541.34$61,000deeded slip
561.92$60,000deeded slip
571.59SOLDdeeded slip
581.41SOLDdeeded slip
59.98SOLDdeeded slip
601.04SOLDdeeded slip
62.90$54,000deeded slip
631.01$54,000deeded slip
641.16$46,000deeded slip
801.11$49,000deeded slip
811.30$49,000deeded slip

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